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Characteristic of A Commercialised Office Printer To Look For

The office has one of the busiest tasks. It is where printing, copying, and other document processes happen. For these reasons, it is a must to choose the right printer fitted for the office workflows, requirements, and office needs. However, selecting and weighing options is not an easy task. 

For starters, it’s necessary to choose a printer that can handle all the tricky office tasks. It should also perform and support better in the process and the employees. 

In this article, we’ll go over the essential characteristics you should note when choosing the most suitable office printers.

Print Speed

The first specification you need to see is the print speed. All printers have various print speeds based on their brand, colours (mono or colour), and other features. How fast or slow the print speed will be reflected in the number of pages that may be printed in a minute. This consideration matters if you have continuous workflows and always print hundreds of documents per minute.

Print Color 

If you want to use colours, there are two printers: inkjet printers and laser printers. Before, the only coloured option on the market was inkjet printers. However, laser printers have stepped up their game and can now provide fantastic print quality colours. Inkjet printer functions by spraying ink droplets from ink cartridges onto the paper. In contrast, laser printers use static electricity to create heat to put fine black powder prints onto the paper. 

Because of this, laser printers have been a go-to-printer type for many offices that need to print professionally coloured documents. If you don’t need coloured prints or often use black and white colours, using a mono laser is best. This type of printer will give off high-quality black-text-based documents and images. 

Characteristic of A Commercialised Office Printer To Look For

Type Of Prints

The office printer you choose will be based on the type of printer and the office work. For instance, inkjet printers are flexible to print on other paper-like CDs or DVDs, photo paper, and other labels. On the other hand, laser printers can only print on paper.

For this reason, many commercial offices use inkjet printers, especially if they are printing many kinds of documents. A basic inkjet printer will suffice if you think you will need basic photo printing and high-quality colored prints. However, if you need a more advanced feature like creative labeling, it’s best to buy a labeling machine.

Wireless Connectivity Network

There is always a scenario in a fast-paced office where many employees need to print simultaneously. The only way to do that is to have a printer with a wireless network. Through this, each employee’s computer can connect directly to the printer, and they can print anytime, anywhere.

There are two options for this wireless connection. The first one is connecting through the internet to network PCs and computers. This method allows a better connection option. Second, it would be directly connecting your mobile, computer, and even tablet devices to the network.


The costs of the printers matter too. You need to weigh three main costs: upfront, long-term, and repair costs. The upper cost is your initial expense as you pay for the printer. The long-term costs serve as the expenses for the additional equipment you will buy to maintain the printer. The repair cost is the cost you need to pay for components for fixing your printer and the one who will fix it.


Don’t forget to take these considerations to get the best office printer for your office needs. Make a list of all your requirements, expectations, and long-term goals. If you need a helping hand, we have in-house experts that will help you with office printer technicalities. Let us know how we can help you! 

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