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What To Do When Your Computer Won’t Connect To The Network

Having issues connecting to the internet on your Windows operating system? Windows do a great job of knowing if there is a problem in Windows that is preventing the computer from accessing the Internet and then fixing it, but not all internet problems are related to the computer. 

Before your computer can access the internet, it needs to pass through the cable modem or the router first. They are provided by your internet service provider. A misconfigured or malfunctioning router will prevent your devices from connecting to the internet. 

Before you start, you need to try to know what category your problem falls into. If you are not able to connect using Internet Explorer, but Chrome or Firefox works, then that would be an operating system issue. If nothing on your computer connects properly to the internet, but other computers on the same network can connect properly, that would be a computer-related issue. If none of your devices can connect, it is a router, modem or ISP or internet service provider issue. 

If you are having problems with only Internet Explorer, check the Automatically Detect Settings options in LAN settings. You can get there by going to Tools or clicking on the gear icon, Internet Options, Connections then LAN Settings. Make sure that the Use a proxy server for your LAN section is unchecked and that Automatically detect settings is checked. 

Disable Enhanced Protected Mode

Enhanced Protected Mode is a feature in Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11 that makes your browsing more secure and safe by enabling additional security features. It is usually not activated or enabled by default unless in a corporate type environment. It can also prevent certain add-ons from working properly if they are not compatible. If you are issues connecting to the internet using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, you can go to Internet Options, click on the Advanced tab and make sure Enable Enhanced Protected Mode is unchecked.

Computer Related Problems

If nothing on your computer can connect to the internet, but other computers are okay and works fine, then you know that there is something wrong with that specific computer. First thing that you need to do is to check all the hardware. If you are using a hard-wired connection, make sure that the cable is plugged in fully into your router and computer. You can try a different cable in case there is an issue with the cable.

Also, if you are connecting through WiFi, make sure that it is turned on if you are using a laptop. Some laptops or computers have physical switches that let you turn off the wireless functionality. On some laptops, you have to press a key combination to enable or disable the wireless card.

Call professional service

Sometimes, your internet service provider may be having issues in your area and it could be causing Internet connection issues. Other times, your internet service provider may block your internet connection if it detects spam originating from your IP address or if you get caught downloading illegal materials. 

If one of your computers has become infected with a nasty virus or malware and you do not know about it, it could be using your computer and your internet connection for bot-net attacks. You need to call professional service and see if they have any complaints on file with you or if there is some outage in your area. Your internet service provider will also be able to connect to your router directly and run tests to make sure everything is configured properly. 

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