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How To Properly Use A Copier

It is surprising to know how many people do not know the simple functions of a copier. There are ways to take advantage of all the technology that is available on these machines. Copiers can be used as a great tool when it comes to office technology and automation. 

How to use a copy machine:

Before you use your copier, make sure that it is powered on and warmed up. It is best to check if there is enough of the correct size paper that is loaded into the machine. Carefully lift the feeder and check the glass to make sure that there is no dirt, marks or other items that are left on top of the glass. 

Place a sheet of paper or an item that you want to copy face down on the glass in the correct position. Carefully close the feeder on top of the glass and your original. You can review the setup on the display to make sure that you have the right settings, and then press the copy button. 

Remove your copies and check them to make sure that they are what you wanted copied. Remove the original and leave the machine the exact way that you found it for the next person in your office to use. 

If you are copying more than one page, you can place your stack of pages in the ADF or Automatic Document Feeder on top of the machine. Your copier may be on the network and you may be using it as your scanner or your printer. If you are, it is best to make sure that you pick up your prints after you send them and if your file gets stopped in the online print queue, make sure to clear it, so others do not have to wait on you. 

Do’s and Don’ts of using a copier:

It is best to use the correct paper. Also, take note that not all copiers can handle the thicker paper. Make sure that you read your copier specification to make sure that you are running the proper paper thickness through your machine. Make sure that the glass of your copier is clear of any scratches and it is clean. Every scrape, dirt, and scratch will be seen on every copy. It is also best to use a surge protector. 

Do not place your copier in a cluttered area or a tight space. Copiers need space to breathe because they heat up, just like other office equipment and they need to be in a ventilated area or they will recycle the air that leaves the equipment. It will only get warmer and warmer until it overheats and breaks down. 

Do not try to copy hard thick objects. Copiers are made to copy flat, lightweight objects. Also, do not place your copier outside your office or in an office restroom. Do not try to do anything with the copier that it is not designed for. You should not print any plastic, wood or metal. You also can’t run different sized papers or items through it. Do not try to clean the glass with anything except a soft cloth and glass cleaner. 

Copiers are very important in every business, which is why it is best to know how to use them properly for the sake of its longevity. If you need a copier for your office but you can’t buy one yet, you can always have it leased. You can contact your local leasing company.

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