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Do People Still Use Copy Machines?

Even with the many trends and new technology that have been emerging in the market, the need for copiers is still very much apparent in the offices, various sectors and the academic arena. With the many benefits that can be derived from copiers, many businesses have bloomed and continue to prosper. 

Many business processes still largely rely on printed documents and materials. The following are the important uses of copiers or copy machines in both business and other organizations:

  1. Used for making multiple copies in a very fast manner. Having the capability of manufacturing duplicates at a fast rate is one of the key features that a copier or copy machine can offer. This important function is needed in many industries especially for propagation and dissemination of information.   
  1. Useful for producing various marketing materials or fliers and brochures. While social media and the internet are fast becoming the most used tool for marketing and advertising, the role of fliers, posters and brochures cannot be diminished. Many people are still captured by these “old school” approaches to marketing. The internet works by algorithms and controlling numbers, but pamphlets and brochures are a more direct approach which seek out the target market. These documents are able to provide the needed information to the goal demographic when needed and as needed.
  1. Important tool for modules and handouts for schools and other learning institutions. The educational system has always been one of the main users of copiers and copy machines since the students rely mostly on documents and printed materials such as modules and books for their learning. Activities are easily performed, reviewed, checked and monitored by having physical papers as output. These are also easier to safe keep in cases when there is a need to double check or cross check records. Examinations are also undertaken mostly using papers and pens. This limits the probable leaks and challenges that may be encountered in terms of the conduct of examinations as the process is very straightforward and deals directly between the proctor and the examinee. 
Do People Still Use Copy Machines?
  1. Provides a secured network for connectivity and information sharing. Most copiers are able to connect to a network, either through a system of cables or even through wireless means. With this ability, the users of the copier or copy machine are able to safely input information from their documents into the server or even a thumb drive. Additionally, many of these devices have access to the internet there allowing the user to send their documents directly via email. Some even still have the facsimile option which can be regarded as rare nowadays.
  1. Copy printers are also very convenient as they can allow for connectivity through various means. The newer models of copy machines are able to accept printing jobs even from mobile devices such as mobile phones and tables without the need for it to be tethered. This just simply spells convenience and the ability to do work more efficiently and effectively by providing a great avenue for a mobile working environment. This means that ideas can be easily translated and communicated from the source to a network of other contributors of end users.

There are a myriad of reasons why copiers or copy machines are vital to many enterprises. In addition, many models that have been out in the market carry other functions that are designed to aid daily tasks and operational activities. Many of today’s copiers are capable of handling multiple tasks and can even do them simultaneously. Other features such as scanning or conversion of documents into digital form are proving to be important not just in terms of cost savings but have ecological implications as well.

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So, essentially, the need and use of these copiers or copy machines stay to be as relevant today as it has been in the past and will continue to be relevant in the future.