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How Long Are Copier Rentals?

All businesses rely on creating copies of their forms, receipts, manuals, contracts, memorandums, and other documents. But before you rent or purchase your next copier, there are important points that you need to consider.

Copier machines have more functions nowadays. They are now capable of print, scan, fax and there are even those with built-in essentials because the needs of the customers are changing fast. There are also so many functions added to newer copiers almost every year. If you rent a copier, you have the option to upgrade the copier or change your rental scheme as your business grows. You will not be a victim of obsolescence. 

Also, you will always have a predictable monthly expense. In a rental plan, you have a fixed cost for every page which can save you from guessing and complex computing of labor, parts and consumable against your total usage every month. 

If you want to conserve cash and use it in order to capitalize on more important business needs, you can opt for copier rentals. Copier rentals usually last for a month to 12 months. In this way, you will have a predictable cash flow. 

The customer support when you rent copiers is also excellent. Under copier rental programs, all of the parts, ink, toner, and services are delivered and they are done on-site. There is also no need to bring your unit to service centers. You can also rely on the maintenance of the copier. The parts, toner, ink, service units and repair are all included in a copier rental price. You do not need to worry about downtime when parts are not available. 

It is expensive to maintain a copier because of the high priced ink, toner, services and parts. But you can save around 70% if you rent your copier depending on its model and make. You are also safe from depreciation. The copier that you bought 2 years ago can’t keep you with the increasing standards of today and their resale value is also limited. 

So why should you rent a copier? There are a lot of businesses that are turning to copier rentals for their offices these days and that is for a good reason. Rentals can help save you time and money, as well as offering a number of other benefits. 

All of the maintenance like the broken parts and the toner is supplied. If something goes wrong, you can give them a call and they will have it fixed for you in no time. 

Most copier rental companies have a flexible program that allows you to change your print and your copy volume quota every month as your business needs change. If you think that you need more speed, you can also change your copier as your requirement varies. 

The payment is also very simple. You can pay for your copier monthly. This can help simplify your accounting and eliminate surprises. Rental programs can include all service and parts, and there are no separate machine monthly charges. All of the services are included, so they can fix any problem. If it needs an expensive part, the copier rental company pays for it. If it can’t be fixed, they will replace the machine.

They also do maintenance and repairs right at the place of business. If the copier will take a while to repair, they will send you a temporary replacement so that there will be no disruption to your everyday printing and copying needs. Rental can also save you some money, and they do not require any capital purchases. 

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