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What To Do When You Encounter These Copier Problems

Top 7 common copier problems and how to fix them

Handling a copier machine can give you a headache. It can also bring frustration once it breaks down during the time you need them the most. Knowing the common problems you may face in the future when it comes to this kind of machine and learning how to fix them can provide you some advantages and spare you from being frustrated.

The very first problem that makes it to the top seven is paper jam problems. It is the most encountered problem. It may be caused by loading the wrong paper size or loading an old inappropriate paper. These results in a jam because copiers tend to pull the paper incorrectly. The occurrence of this can delay the accomplishments of tasks by employees.

Fixing paper jams requires manual removal of the jammed paper and reloading the copier with the appropriate paper size and placing it in the correct alignment. Sometimes, paper dust can be a factor because it can clog machines. To avoid this, regularly clean and vacuum dust from the copier. Next, is the presence of lines, streaks, and other deformities on a finished copy.

Some of the possible sources of this problem are the presence of foreign substances which may be resolved by cleaning the scanner glass. Another issue is the drum unit malfunction and a problem with the fuser. Replacing these parts can resolve the problem. You may call Copier Leasing Services in Las Vegas for this kind of parts replacement. Their rates are quite cheap and service is premium in quality.

The third in line is cartridge or toner problems. Empty, low, and malfunctioning toner cartridges can be the source of problems in your copiers. To resolve this, it is best to replace the parts.

The fourth issue you may encounter is wrinkled pages. Its cause may come from worn-out feed and exit rollers that may cause jamming. Other possible factors at play are worn-out paper trays, fuser assemblies, and the presence of moisture. It is best to call for a technician to fix the fuser assembly and feed rollers. You may call Copier Leasing Services in Las Vegas for they offer efficient maintenance and parts replacement of copiers.

The fifth problem is the color of the copy pages. It may be too light or too dark due to the imbalance in the density controls on the machine. To fix this, density levels must be reset.

The sixth problem is the presence of spots on the page. If dots can be always be seen in the same place, there might be smudges or debris on copier’s glass or mirror. Cleaning it would best resolve this issue. On the other hand, random dots may be due to the defect in the drum. Replacing it can fix the issue. You may call Copier Lease Las Vegas since they sell high-grade yet cheap copier’s parts.

Last but not least, misfeeds and skewed pages may also be encountered. Always watch out for crumpled, curled, or torn papers from the drawer you are printing from. If the issue still occurred, print from a different drawer. Call for a copier technician to fix the other drawer. Copier Leasing Services in Las Vegas is known to have efficient and skilled workers.

Where to seek assistance

It is best to always seek the help of technicians when you encounter these problems to avoid further damage to the unit. One of the most reliable companies which offer such a service is Copier Las Vegas. They offer a variety of services. Among these are copier rentals or lease, repair, and parts replacement, or maintenance service.