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What You Need To Know Before Owning A Copier

A copier is an important item for any office. Since it has such a massive part in daily operations, it makes sense to take time to research your options before impulsively buying the first model that you come across. Keep these ideas in mind when choosing your copier.

Understand the basics

Inkjet copiers are more expensive to run than laser copiers and they are not ideal for large offices. Black and white copiers are less expensive than color copiers and they are recommended if you don’t expect to make colored copies. A hybrid type copier is another option when looking at printer sales. 

Individual devices or all-in-one

A lot of models of copiers include faxing or scanning capabilities. It is cheaper to purchase one machine capable of everything you need to be done, but is not feasible to use if you handle large volumes of documents as anyone will copier or printer sales would tell you. It is more economical to have individual machines to reduce congestion and wait times. 

Estimate your copy volume

Dig into all of your copy records for the last few months to see how many copiers you average every month. You can multiply your average by 1.5 to give yourself some wiggle room and to ensure that you purchase the right machine to meet your office needs. 


The fastest copier model is not always the best for your office needs. Small offices usually utilize machines that print from 11-20 pages per minute, but larger offices and organizations tend to need faster capabilities. Law firms or accounting firms with high volume should aim to purchase machines that can print anywhere from 50 to 80 pages per minute. 

Finishing the job

When printing is finished, the question is what you want to do with the document. Some models print all of the pages and put them in one tray, other models have numerous trays to expand the capacity. Certain higher-end models can hole punch automatically or staple documents, which can save you a lot of time when you are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of pages on a daily basis. 


When getting a copier, speed and size are important. Copiers can come in all sizes and shapes. There are multi-function devices or MFDs, desktop copiers, duplicators, wide-formats and more. Wide-formats are used for larger prints, and the machine sizes usually are 24, 44 and 60 inches wide. Items like blueprints and wallpapers can be printed on wide-formats. 

Ease of use

There are new copiers coming out regularly for numerous copier brands. Of course, newer models have more features and they are easier to use, but older models have their own benefits. The one important point to consider with older models is that if you are updating your computers to newer operating systems, then it may not be compatible with your old copier. 

Service agreements

In addition to ease of use, service agreements may also come up when you are thinking about buying a copier. Service agreements can depend on the lease, but it can also include technical and remote support. Another benefit of having a service agreement is that your copier dealer may deliver toner or ink to your door. 

Image quality

Different copiers have different image quality. It is best to do some research beforehand on what kind of quality you are looking for. For example, some copiers only print black and white, while some can print out high-quality photos. 

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