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Here’s How Does Digital World Has Changed The Education Industry

The 21st century has seen a lot of technological advancements in vast industries. From pulleys and levers, humanity has gone leaps and bounds with the help of science. We have built systems, both software, and hardware, to ease our daily lives. It is seen in construction sites, movie theaters, copier leasing offices, real estate; basically everywhere. With innovation having a big chunk of stepping in, science has definitely helped us ease through the daily grind.

We have robots — big and small to assist people from different industries. Machines are there to help people from different walks of life like nurses in a busy hospital for accurate stats, copier leasing Las Vegas -based owners, fitness coaches that can connect to clients from different parts of the world, etc. Automations make work processes more streamlined in the corporate world, medicines to treat HIV are rolling out, artificial intelligence is slowly serving humanity, to mention a few. With all these, the education industry has its own set of advancements, too, which students and professors love.

The education industry is one of the last to adapt to change. In fact, it was quite resistant to change having only adapted these technologies recently. Expect a good turn out of better-skilled employees, especially for your copier lease Las Vegas-based business. Read further below for some of the trends going on in the industry:

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Gone are the days when kids only see history from the pages of a textbook. Kids can now go to Ancient Greece or Egypt with the help of such a device. Google Expeditions is one thing that you could use to make classroom Augmented Reality more accessible for your class, with a wide range of experiences available via a simple phone app. Indeed, Expeditions is one heck of an app because it has a wide array of choices to walk through, as much as 900 different expeditions! It includes the Louver, Mt. Everest, Yosemite, Great Barrier Reef, and a whole lot more.

It seems like a positive thing for the whole educational experience since it keeps the students well engaged and truly excited about learning. This is a plus for future owners of copier leasing in Las Vegas, since it involves a lot of groundwork, which is close to what Google Expedition exposes students with.

Here’s How Does Digital World Has Changed The Education Industry

Personalized Learning

Everybody has their own learning curve, and technology has responded immensely to that. One of the best parts about technology today is that it has opened different learning experiences to help kids, especially those with health conditions that make them learn differently from the norm. Case in point, a mother who has 2 dyslexic sons. Dragon Speak has tools for them, or 20% of the USA’s populations, to “write” their papers by voice. This ensures that their words or answers are not pushed back by their difficulty to spell or write.


Connected to the infamous quote: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” the tech industry has found ways to make previously unthinkable possibilities come to life. It can be a good practicing avenue to facing usual copier leasing roadblocks. 

If it can do well for crime scene tests with 3D virtual scenes, what more can it do for copier lease, right?

Susan Aldridge, the Senior Vice President of Online Learning in Drexel University, credited games to mirror issues which are true to life. They entail students to make a stacked skill set to get through them. She said: “These virtual game worlds provide a unique opportunity to apply new knowledge and make mission-critical decisions while identifying obstacles, considering multiple perspectives and rehearsing various responses.”

Are these changes seen in your university or school? Say you’re planning to have a copier lease in Las Vegas, these trends should bring out people who can be trusted in terms of problem-solving, and troubleshooting. 

With all these advancements coming into play, the landscape of learning is moving toward a team-based approach. As expectations from students spike, the responsiveness to those should match up, too. Get your copier lease services now.

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