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How Do you Break A Copier Lease

Some of you got worried about how to break a copier lease? Or should I say is it possible to break an agreement? Well, I guess, some points here will gradually help you to get out of it. As a copier dealer, this might be a question we often hear from corporations unhappy with what a lease they have signed with a competitor’s leasing company. Thus, it’s important to understand that when we sign a lease for a copier, it has always accounted that for any reason, a binding contract shouldn’t be canceled. 

Some companies might have wanted to break their copier lease contract for such reasons, including the needs of changing, financial hardship, outdated technology, performance, or misrepresentation by the leasing company. In this site of opinion, we’ll help you examine and determine the options available for legally terminating a copier leasing relationship early without a penalty or with minimal losses. 

Below is the definition of what a Copier Lease is? 

A copier lease is a clear written and legally binding contract of a leasing company and a business. The leasing company allows the business the use of such for a specific time; most of this usually extends one to three years. As the return of the business, it will make regular payments to the leasing company. Business companies can also opt to make purchases at the end of the lease period. The business is legally and mandated to pay the amount towards the leasing company for the entire duration of the copier lease, and conditions required to terminate the contract are strictly defined. Concerning this, the copier leases are not especially easy to get out of. 

Then what is the Copier lease vs. service agreement? 

The service agreement is an agreement that is a separate contract with a qualified copier dealer (not the leasing company) to provide regular checkups, maintenance, and repairs for agreed-upon monthly fees as such. This article is technically concerned as to how to cancel or break the copier lease with the leasing company, and not the copier service contract agreement against the dealer. 

There are several ways to break a Copier Lease. A broken lease happens when one party terminates an agreement before the entire preset terms have been met. And once you have determined that your copier lease has no longer meeting your business needs, there are several methods you can use to legally get out of your lease: 

How Do you Break A Copier Lease

Review conditions for cancellation in the contract. 

The first step is, always review the lease terms and conditions. Conditions for cancellation by either party should be spelled out, along with any penalties for early termination. Also, read if you qualify to cancel the contract and what associated costs you may be incurred. Look for what constitutes a breach of contract. When the copier lease may fail to fulfill its advertised capabilities and testimonies. Try to check and see if the lease contract includes certain performance guarantees that are not met. If the company fails to meet the contract’s term and conditions, it will be flagged as a breach of contract. Review articles can further be found under the copier service contract. 

Another one is, you can ask the leasing company to renegotiate or terminate the lease as much as early. Although copier leasing companies are unusual to renegotiate or terminate early, you never know it, unless you ask. And lastly, seek legal advice from your lawyer and document everything. If you aren’t so sure about the terms of a lease, you can ask a lawyer to review your lease. Utilizing this you will become more informed about your concerns as you have legal options. Don’t mind the fees, just Legal! It will inevitably spare you a lot of stress. After this legal action, you may inform the copier leasing company. And just to break the lease legally, try to inform the leasing company, show your intent as well as your supporting documentation. It is also wise to keep everything recorded of any means of communication from the leasing company, such changes made to the given agreement, and other official actions taken. This will help support your case if further complications arise and you can now cancel automatic renewal on the lease.

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